Go Google in German!

@googlemail address was officially refused by Germany instead of @gmail.com that is now-universal. The worldwide Gmail puzzle was finished Tuesday.

Those of @googlemail.com Gmail addresses will be able to switch to an @gmail.com address soon. All new accounts will immediately have it. The data of all changed emails as well as account settings and contacts can be easily accessed. Once the user decided to move back to the @googlemail comfort zone, he will be able to do it.

The top of the Gmail screens of new users will image the link to prompt them to login with the new address. There is no need to create a new email address as current email addresses will be reserved for users.

In 2005 year Google’s German email troubles began when the use of the Gmail name was sued form the search giant by Daniel Giersch. Using the name Gmail by the search engine giant was banned by a German court in 2007.

Google settled the dispute in April and its Gmail name was taken back in the region.

German Android users may face some troubles using Google applications especially the Google Talk app. It may not connect properly a day-long after the switching of the email addresses.

The Gmail iOS app will be needed to download by Apple iOS users in order to replace the Google Mail application. Any problem, otherwise, should not appear.

Change the Look of your Gmail Account: Amazing Gmail Skins

Gmail is an amazing service that offers endless possibilities. No wonder that the majority of web users gave their preference to this email service. You will always find the way to customize it according your demands or preferences. Among the hundreds of resources on the Web we selected only the best skins for advanced Gmail use. These resources will help you discover new ways of using Gmail.

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When your email address is put on a web page without any special precautions, it can be easily accessible for spammers. They can simply steal it. Spambots, automated programs, are used in order to look for email addresses. The take email addresses from websites and add them to their lists.

They are those who will definitely steal your email address. There is no necessity to spend a lot of time to do the job. If you do not want to lose your email address privacy, take some precautions to prevent your email address steal especially if you post it on the web. If the email address is not yours, to take precaution measures is more important.

If you have a spam filter and think your email is in safety, you can be mistaken. Sometimes, messages can fall into your spam folder. You will not see them and maybe delete without even looking on them. It is not enough to check your inbox occasionally. When you start to get much spam every day, you can suppose somebody steal your email address and use it. As usual, it can appear when your email address is on the web. If you think nobody attempts to do it, they will!

Spam filters are not the solution for you. Spam should be prevented firstly. Initially you should delete any plain address from the web as soon as possible.

If you want to protect your email address from the spammers, you can use a number of ways to perform it.

The problem is better to be prevented than to be resolved. This is the matter with spam. Once your email address is stolen, it will enter your inbox every day. That is why it is better to prevent spam than to dispose of it.

Public Records > Free Background Check

Significant development of the Internet in the past decade resulted in vast possibilities that were given to Internet users. Various government agencies had made public records accessible online. Some are published at governmental websites, some are available via third-party services.  Some are provided absolutely free, other are offered at low-cost prices.  We’ve collected the most popular services which provide free access to public records online. Read more »

How to Export All Your Facebook Friends’ Email Addresses

If someday you decide to take email addresses of your friends from Facebook, you will not be able to do it. Facebook does not allow you to perform it as you have access only to your personal data in Facebook.  To see your friends’ private data is not available for you.

Facebook follows several rules. One of them states that every person manages just his information by him/herself. You can have a big friends list.  Anyway, it is impossible to see anybody’s private information. It is made to prevent mass export of private emails and photo albums.

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Open your personality through your email

Have you ever thought about the significance of email address in your CV?

Let us discuss what can be considered an email prejudice and what can be not.

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How to Improve Your Email Productivity for Your Entire Life

All You Have to Know About Emailers and About.

Most of the people worldwide use emails. They find it very useful because emails provide with two very essential  features: lack of personality and lack of time.

How do you usually check your email? What is YOUR way to deal with it?

Actually there exist three types of Emailers.

The first one is Billy Blackberry. This guy frequently checks his mail-box. He leaves unimportant messages unread and after a month or so deletes everything out. Read more »