How to Create Complex Gmail Filters and Persistent Searches

It’s not a secret that one of the most notable features in Gmail, is its advanced search capability. Due to its accurate search and filters, Gmail makes it easy to manage the thousands of messages in your mailbox and organize the messages according your needs. You only need to know how to make the query correctly. You’ll have to acquire some skills to get it working right. Gmail has a lot to offer.  In addition to simplest search operators, there’re some search tricks. They are not well-know to the naive users.

And / Or Search

If you specify a complicated query, such as for instance from:ann subject:time. This search terms are conjoint with AND. It means that search should match these two parameters. The message should be from Ann, and have the word “time” in the subject line. If you need to match only one of these terms, it’s advisable to use OR. The only one disadvantage of using OR is that it’s inappropriate for composite queries. The solution is simple: use {curly brackets}. They substitute for the OR function. Everything enclosed in curly brackets is presumed to be connected with OR. AND can be replaced by the (parentheses).
Take a look at the following example:
{to:( subject:request}
The search engine will look for emails addressed to, and Or they should contain the word request in the subject line.

Persistent search

Persistent searches are used for finding groups of emails. It will help you avoid the creation of complicated queries each time you are going to find a group of emails. You can create persistent searches either by using Better Gmail Firefox extension or a Greasemonkey script. Those persistent searches will work exactly as Gmail labels or even Smart folders. Similar to the TODO search, the persistent search comes with already built-in saved searches.  The following query to:me {in:starred is:unread}. You’ll get a dynamic list of messages that are starred or unread or both.


This kind of filtering is very handy if you receive great number of emails every day. Pay attention that labeling, achieving and forwarding are impossible in filters. Before creating filters, you have to expand Gmail’s filter input. In order to expand Gmail’s “Has the words” input field to a text area to build composite Gmail filters, add the following to Firefox’s userContent.css file:

@-moz-document domain( {

input[name=”cf1_has”] {

display: none;

-moz-binding: url(;



Enter your query to the “Has the words” field. You query may look like this.

-from:{ * * * * * * * }

Send Email to a Phone

You can get email messages on your phone by SMS. Cell phone carriers have SMS gate ways which take email messages by mail and deliver them to customers’ as SMS text messages.

GismoSMS is a free service that allows you to send SMS messages to any mobile phone directly from your web browser. There is no charge to send messages with Gizmo SMS however the receiver may have charges for receiving the message.

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Why company computers should not be used for personal email

Costly trouble over email can appear by employers when employees send private messages using company network and computers. It is better for the employers to monitor every process the worker performs on the work computer. The general communication is monitored as well.
Certain websites are obviously to be filtered out as well as the activity on the computer should be recorded. All received and sent emails are also scanned. All mail is catalogued and archived on the chance of any legal problem occurs.
Do not use company PCs for personal email while many companies cancel employment contracts for misusing of email. You should watch every of your action as the company does the same.
Outgoing mail server, email account and company computers are better not to be used for personal emails. It is perfect to use separate accounts for working and personal emails. Different SMTP servers should be used by your private account to send mail.
Free email services are private. This fact is reasonable. It is recommended not to use these on the company computers for private mail as well as the company network.
Any privacy cannot be expected for mail that in somehow connected to company infrastructure, including email servers: IMAP, SMTP, Exchange, POP, Notes; computers and wireless networks.

How to Find Email Address on the Web

If you have lost touch of someone who was very special to you – a friend, a schoolmate, or a fellow student, or anybody else – you can always find him/her.  Several methods below will help you to find email address you need to.

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Email Program to Use

There are several possibilities to access email. To access email can be done through webmail, the account provided by your ISP or any email program. Working the same way, they allow you to store, receive and send messages. The most important fact is to find a right program.
At least one email address should be provided by your Internet Service Provider. Many ISPs can provide up to 5 email addresses. It can be useful, if you want to separate personal and business email or to give one email address to each member of your family.
Consisting of two parts, email address allows you to choose both of them. You select your name before the ‘@’ character that is followed by the domain that is also chosen by you. Some Internet Service Providers have their own email programs. There are such that offer webmail only.
Among their common characteristics can be found inbox, outbox, address book, sent mail folder and several folders to store and organize email.
Being very useful, webmail allows the user to log on to email account worldwide. A web browser is the only software to download. Afterwards, visit the website of your ISP. Then enter your user name and password to have the possibility to send and receive email.
Accessing your email via a public computer, do not store your password. If your ISP’s website may not provide its customers with webmail, they can use one of several free mail services like Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail.
There are also some other email programs to be used. If you want to send and receive messages, you are required to enter your email settings. If you ISP provides its own email program, its software enters these settings automatically. A little experience will be perfect for you before starting to use such email program that can offer more features. Before you choose the provider, learn how many email addresses are allowed by your provider. The space they allocate is also important.

If your Inbox is overflowing

A third of your working day should be spent dealing with emails that overflow your inbox. We all communicate through email, especially working in office. Receiving about 150 emails per day, people waste their time to clean their inbox from unwanted emails.
Overflowing email inbox should not be deleted when your patience is over. You can take several simple steps to manage your inbox to make it clean every day.
Firstly, superfluous email is to be prevented. We all have accounts at social network websites that send us the notifications every day. Use your account settings to set your account in a way not to send notifications anymore.
Purchasing something online we often subscribe for newsletters from retailers. It is extremely easy to unsubscribe from them and stop to get unsolicited emails. Open the email of this kind and find an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Clicking on it, you announce them not to send you newsletters anymore. This will discharge your inbox well.
Your email system can be set to send certain emails to trash bin. They will be automatically deleted so you won’t look at them.
An email filing system is a perfect way to manage your inbox and keep emails you want to read. Creating a special folder that will contain all your incoming emails. They will be accessible for you but will not distract your attention every time you check your inbox.
“To Do” folder is a reasonable way to keep all emails that require some of your actions. Open this folder and work on the emails without annoying unwanted emails. It will help to manage your workflow.
There are also email management services that can be used to automatically prioritize your email. The service sends you the list of the emails you receive throughout the day. About half of your inbox is unimportant for you. Remember, the email you send gives you an answer. The more you send the more emails you receive. Nowadays, it is more convenient to discuss your business per phone.

Gmail Account. Easy to create, easy to remove.


Gmail account will be a perfect choice for those who wants to have a new email address. You’ll get more storage for messages in addition to a new and better or more pleasant user name. A Gmail account will provide you with a precise spam filter as well. It eliminates all junk mail and allows you to archive old mail. Your existing email accounts can be accessed via this one that can also be used as an email account. Read more »