Facebook Email Addresses

One of the most popular social networks in the world, Facebook, also aims to be the provider of your email.
Each Facebook user has got a Facebook email address that is linked to his/her account on the network. It is supposed that you even do not realize it. Little-used @facebook.com addresses were nudged into the spotlight on Monday. Facebook switched the email addresses of a great number of site’s users from the familiar to new ones.
This change was done on the Facebook.com site and will help your friends to quickly find you if they do not know your email address. The switch was abrupt that caused universal discontent.
Tech blogger Gervase Markham, representatives of Forbes.com and Gizmodo declared about this sudden inconvenience. According to a Facebook spokesman other tweaks were consistent with this change that led to more control to users. Addresses on Facebook were updated and made consistent across the site.
A new setting was added to everyone choose which addresses he/she wants to be shown on timelines. It is easy to switch the priority of email accounts. Your “About” page can be shown as well as it was on your old account. If you want to see the information about you, just click your name and select “About”.
If you want to adjust the priority of different email addresses associated with your Facebook account, select edit under the “Contact Info” section and set their visibility.
According to Facebook spokesman, this change is intended to strengthen your privacy and security. The same generic @facebook addresses are offered to everyone. Your preferred email can be easily protected by the company. Its visibility can also be limited.
People still have the ability to control their posts to be shown even when timeline is launched. Now all Facebook users can easily hide or show their posts on their own timelines.





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