Go Google in German!

@googlemail address was officially refused by Germany instead of @gmail.com that is now-universal. The worldwide Gmail puzzle was finished Tuesday.

Those of @googlemail.com Gmail addresses will be able to switch to an @gmail.com address soon. All new accounts will immediately have it. The data of all changed emails as well as account settings and contacts can be easily accessed. Once the user decided to move back to the @googlemail comfort zone, he will be able to do it.

The top of the Gmail screens of new users will image the link to prompt them to login with the new address. There is no need to create a new email address as current email addresses will be reserved for users.

In 2005 year Google’s German email troubles began when the use of the Gmail name was sued form the search giant by Daniel Giersch. Using the name Gmail by the search engine giant was banned by a German court in 2007.

Google settled the dispute in April and its Gmail name was taken back in the region.

German Android users may face some troubles using Google applications especially the Google Talk app. It may not connect properly a day-long after the switching of the email addresses.

The Gmail iOS app will be needed to download by Apple iOS users in order to replace the Google Mail application. Any problem, otherwise, should not appear.





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