Why company computers should not be used for personal email

Costly trouble over email can appear by employers when employees send private messages using company network and computers. It is better for the employers to monitor every process the worker performs on the work computer. The general communication is monitored as well.
Certain websites are obviously to be filtered out as well as the activity on the computer should be recorded. All received and sent emails are also scanned. All mail is catalogued and archived on the chance of any legal problem occurs.
Do not use company PCs for personal email while many companies cancel employment contracts for misusing of email. You should watch every of your action as the company does the same.
Outgoing mail server, email account and company computers are better not to be used for personal emails. It is perfect to use separate accounts for working and personal emails. Different SMTP servers should be used by your private account to send mail.
Free email services are private. This fact is reasonable. It is recommended not to use these on the company computers for private mail as well as the company network.
Any privacy cannot be expected for mail that in somehow connected to company infrastructure, including email servers: IMAP, SMTP, Exchange, POP, Notes; computers and wireless networks.





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