How to Find Email Address on the Web

If you have lost touch of someone who was very special to you – a friend, a schoolmate, or a fellow student, or anybody else – you can always find him/her.  Several methods below will help you to find email address you need to.

Free Email Search

Enter the name. ex.: “Jhon Smith”


Enter the Email. ex.: “”

Email Correspondence

We may search something for hours, but what we are looking for is always at the surface. If you are searching for somebody’s email, try to look through your correspondence or address book before you resort to email addresses search engines or directories. It may happen, you’ve exchanged letters with this person previously and the address is already at your disposal.

Web-based and desktop email clients always offer advanced searching options. Try to for first and last name, nickname or company name.

Email Directories or White Pages

USA and Canada People Search


With Yahoo!’s white pages search you can get access to updated phone and address information. Find friends, colleagues, classmates and more!

White Pages can help you if you have lost touch with someone who was special and cherished to you. You just need to compose an email, White Pages will send it, and someone you were looking for will contact you.

With Email Change you can find someone’s new email address by searching for the old one.

Worldwide People Search


Info Space Besides of email search you can find here yellow pages, white pages, web search and search by phone number.

Search the Web

Searching the Web may also be productive. Try to type in presumptive email address into the search box of any searching engine such as Google, Yahoo, or other. The searching engine will certainly give you all relevant queries, even if you remember only a part of the email address.

Usenet Newsgroups

The Usenet is the initial and probably the most visited discussion community. There are tons of topics to discuss. It’s very likely, the person you are looking for, had posted in a Usenet newsgroup. First of all, try to make a search by name, and then look through topics he / she might be interested in. You can post a reply note. And if the person is still reading the newsgroup, you can expect the response.

Making it Find You

You can employ a cardinally opposite tactics. Instead of trying to find somebody’s email address, make the person find you on the Web. If your contact information is published at your personal page or blog, or at your profile in a social network, finding you will be easy.

Guess Email Address

Guessing company’s email address is easy. As a rule, such addresses is made of the first name and last name of the owner. First of all, you need to know the domain name of the company.

Business Cards

People who are promoting their business or services, often use a very efficient guerilla marketing tactic. That is hand out their business cards. Perhaps, the email address you are looking for in on a business card. So, keep your fingers crossed, and look through the business cards you have.

discontinued services

Lycos offers to find email address and contact information, or do reverse phone number search.

Bigfoot is a powerful tool that helps you find people, email addresses, and business profiles.

411 Locate E-mail Lookup allows you to search for email addresses based on first and last name, on phone number and area code. In order to find out the contact address, you can do reverse email searches associated with a particular email account. If you are going to set out on travels, you can check this site for driving direction. Just enter the name of the city and state where you start from, as well as the city and state of destination, and you will get your route!

IAF offers reverse phone directory, background search, and cell phone lookup.

AOL’s E-Mail Finder will help you to find a person. All you need is to enter your search criteria.

WebCrawler finds email addresses all over the world.

LOOK4U is the largest Chinese people finder. It contains over 3 million Chinese names and e-mail addresses. It allows to look for a person by English name or nickname.





47 Responses to “How to Find Email Address on the Web”

  1. I need to find my missing soulmate in UK. Can you help me?.

  2. ok me andmy bestfriend didnt c each othr for 4 years she gave me her numberbut imshyto call so i tryed 411 and theres like 2 different address i want a site that can give me her right # incase she moved, her last name, and email

  3. I lost contact with Atie Geerts in Hollands about 9 years ago and her former e-mail address is

  4. i want to find iqbal ali email adress.

  5. I need to find my Friend Sharath R Can you help me?. He had completed BE first time meet in Tumkur So i lost his email ID

  6. I wish there was a way to find and old-friends e-mail address just to say hi with out haveing to pay or go through thousands of links and web pages so that at the end they tell you “yes we can help but you have to pay”..I think its ok to charge something but 30 or 40 dls. !!please!!,,,,!!am not trying to reach the president!!

  7. i need to find my friends email i feel its not currect

    please do the kindful needy

  8. I am looking for my friend Edison Jhon P. He met me in June 1983 on Bombay Central Train station. He is originally form Vapi, Gujarat, India. I was in contect with him until December 1988. He mqrried in OOty,India. His wife is teacher in Mt. Carmel school in OOty,India.

  9. i am finding my best friend from last 7 years, but fail to find her email address, her name is jabeen, we met in tution classes in hyderabad. i wish some one can help me to find her email ID…

  10. I need to find my email ID can you help me?
    my friend i can try to meet to my email ID.nn1nn1

  11. I need to find my girl in UK. Her parents had sent her to UK without my knowledge. PlZZZZZZZZZZ anybody help me

  12. I am looking for my freind Sunil(Sunil KUmar.U) who lives in Uttam Nagar-Hastal, New Delhi. He is from Kozhikodu(Calicut), Kerala.I wasn’t any contact with him since december, 1998. Can anybody help me.

  13. I am desperate to find my ex fiance’s email address , we split some time ago and lost touch her name is miss “CLAIRE JEFFREY” she is 36 and her d.o.b is 11/02/1974, her last known address is 122 south street, Rawmarsh, Rotherham,south Yorkshire,England, post code: s62 5rd please if anyone can help it would be much appreciated ta very much.

  14. please! help with the grace of god!! my friend naveen i want to find his email id? his adress hyderabad,saroon nagar,hudacomplex,gangothri apartments 3rd floor! please inform him and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell his email address!!

  15. i need to find the email address of janet pruitt from gaylord michigan. can u help?

  16. i am looking for my girlfriend liza ferrer loss contact or communacation for more than 5 years.

  17. can anybody help me to look formy gf liza ferrer where she work and her home address.

  18. I lost a friend named Tilottama banzara,by searching her name in orkut i found her but i don’t have her id to contact with her,while i tried to submit a friendship request to her,this(type her id) is appeared on the screen.can you give me her id in orkut to connect with her.

  19. pleas is any one can help me to find my friend
    his name is (mohamed essa ) he live in england i dont know in wich city he live there but he is egyption and he was live in alexandria in egypt before he travel there
    pleas help me to find him
    that is die or live order

  20. hi nameer is friends ihavent senn him from last 15 years ago i want him to contact me he is from bejnor

  21. I am trying to get my friends email I know it is at net.comI
    I have some of the email but not all
    Sincerely Lisa

  22. I need find new email address of my friend

  23. hi i want to have friendship with any one of them.please contact with me my email address is
    i am a student

  24. i lost contact with a really close friend i know which country and town she lives in and email adderesse her account was suspended my mistake is there anyway i can find out where she lives without having to depart without a bucket load of cash. PLZ help we where about to exchange phone number etc when i accidently got her account suspened

  25. I would appreciate it if you delete my email request from the 15th of may 2010,I have found out more than enough about that lying vicious self centred slag thanks very much

  26. I would appreciate it if you delete my email request from the 15th of may 2010,I have found out more than enough about her, thanks

  27. angel you are so right im trying to reach my best friend josh from 6 yr ago

  28. i need hollywood actor sylvester stallone email address plz send menn1

  29. i met my friend in my school in annul day.i tried to talk but she missed.i wanna meet her

  30. i am very happy to chat on yahoo kindly help me to make my my new friends

  31. i need 2 find ma Best friend mail in usa i just lost her and true i need help pls hope dat u can help me thanx

  32. i need 2 find mail of mary beth her old mail was and she lost connection with me so hope dat u can help me fast as u can plssssssss respect

  33. anybody please help me, how to find my yahoo messenger contacts last visit date sign in and sign out
    please help me.

  34. I need to find my email ID can you help me?
    my friend i can try to meet to my email ID.

  35. i just met one girl from banglore on dec31st eve but i didnt get any details about her except her job, she is working with qatar airways as a cabin crew, so plz let me know her e mail id if you can….

  36. I lost ma best friendz digit i dnt knw wer i could fynd her

  37. I am finding my friend since 3years ago, since she join her husband at spain we lost contact and email address.Pls help me look for her,she is formal miss Anthonia Ngige, but now a mother to master chukwuemeli,both live at spain.

  38. I am looking for my friend mavarlyn noel from byelands st.andrews grenada.plz help me find her email adress.

  39. how can i find my friend email id with free cost.
    pls tell me the method of search the email id which i have not archive of my friend

  40. there are my relations in UK.there names are paththige john clarence fernando / leoni fernando / paththige john dinesh fernando / paththige dewpriyani fernando.please help me to find their email address.

  41. I cannot understand why the British Isles are absent from you world-wide people search map. Is it wishful thinking on behalf the USA!

  42. I have a friend that thinks I have an email address under the false name of Peg Smith. Please send me any info you can regarding an email address of Peg Smith. I PROMISE to NOT contact this person. I just want to know how/why someone thinks it is linked to me.

  43. hi i am looking for somebody his name is paul valensie and living in paris and is 48,49 or 50 years old i really need to find his emailadres because he is a very good friend to me

  44. I would like to know if this email address exists.

  45. hope somebody can help me find a website which can provide an email look up without paying for it. all email look up I found need a subscription.

  46. What i want to do is be able to install msn messenger 7.5 and windows live messenger on the same system without windows live upgrading 7.5 so i can run Msn 7.5 when windows live doesn’t connect, which happens often.

  47. I am looking for huge list of email address to expand my business.

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