Email Abbreviations and Shorthand


You use it day-by-day sending e-mails, chatting with your friends,at school, work, etc…You got used doing it long time ago, so that you can’t even imagine your life without these shorthand and acronyms… If your life is full of new pen friends, you are fond of composing SMS letters and you appreciate Time these short acronyms will be very useful for you!



Find below the most wide-spread abbreviations and internet shorthand:

Email Abbreviations

@TEOTD   At The End Of The Day
14AA41   One for All and All for One
411   Info
4ever   Forever
86   Out Of / Over
AAAAA    American Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAF    As A Friend
AAK    Asleep At Keyboard
AAMOF    As A Matter Of Fact
AAMOI    As A Matter Of Interest
AAR    At Any Rate
AATK    Always At The Keyboard
AAYF    As Always, Your Friend
ABITHIWTIDB    A bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ABT2    About To
ACD    Alt Control Delete
ACE    Access Control Entry
ADAD    Another Day Another Dollar
AEAP    As Early As Possible
AFAGAY    A Friend As Good As You
AFAICS    As Far As I Can See
AFAICT    As far As I can Tell
AFAIK    As Far As I Know
AFAIU    As Far As I Understand
AFAP    As Far As Possible
AFC    Away From Computer
AFIAA    As Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFI    A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFK    Away From Keyboard
AFZ    Acronym free zone
AGKWE    And God Knows What Else
AIH    As It Happens
AIMB    As I Mentioned Before
AISE    As I Said Earlier
AISI    As I See It
AKA / a.k.a.    Also Known As
ALAP    As Late As Possible
ALOL    Actually Laughing Out Loud
ALTG    Act Locally, Think Globally
AMAP    As Many As Possible
AMBW    All My Best Wishes
AML    All My Love
B/C    Because
B4    Before
B4N    Bye For Now
BAK    Back At my Keyboard
BAU    Business As Usual
BBBG    Bye Bye Be Good
BBL    Be Back Later
BBN    Bye Bye Now
BBSD    Be Back Soon Darling
BBT    Be Back Tomorrow
BCNU    Be Seeing You
BD    Big Deal
BFF    Best Friends Forever
BFN    Bye For Now
BITD    Back In The Day
BKA    Better Known As
BR    Bathroom
BRB    Be Right Back
BRT    Be Right There
BSF    But Seriously, Folks
BT    Byte This
BTA    But Then Again / Before The Attacks
BTDT    Been There Done That
BTDTGTS    Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BTW    By The Way
BW    Best Wishes
BWDIK    But What Do I Know?
BYKT    But you Knew That
CIAO    Goodbye (in Italian)
CID    Consider It Done
CIS    CompuServe Information Service
CMF    Count My Fingers
CMIW    Correct Me if I’m Wrong
COB    Close Of Business
CP  Sleepy
CRAP    Cheap Redundant Assorted Products
CRAT    Can’t Remember A Thing
CRTLA    Can’t Remember the Three Letter Acronym
CSL    Can’t Stop Laughing
CU    See You
CUL    See You Later
CYT    See You Tomorrow
DARFC    Ducking And Running For Cover
DBEYR    Don’t Believe Everything You Read
DD    Due Diligence
DDD    Direct Distance Dial
DETI    Don’t Even Think It
DF    Dear Friend
DGA    Don’t Go Anywhere
DGT    Don’t Go There
DIKU    Do I Know You
DIY    Do It Yourself
DKDC    Don’t Know Don’t Care
DL    Download
DMI    Don’t Mention It
DQYDJ    Don’t Quit Your Day Job
DRIB    Don’t Read If Busy
DWYM    Does What You Mean
DYSTSOTT    Did You See The Size Of That Thing
E123    Easy as One, Two, Three
EAK    Eating at Keyboard
EM?    Excuse Me?
EOD    End Of Day
EOM    End Of Message
ESO    Equipment Smarter than Operator
EULA    End User License Agreement
EWI    Emailing While Intoxicated
EZ    Easy
F2F    Face to Face
FAB    Features Attributes Benefits
FAQL    Frequently Asked Questions List
FAWC    For Anyone Who Cares
FBKS    Failure Between Keyboard and Seat
FE    Fatal Error
FITB    Fill in the Blanks
FOC    Free of Charge
FTL    Faster Than Light
FTTB    For The Time Being
FUBAR    Fouled up Beyond All Recognition
FUD    Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
FWD    Forward
FWIW    For What It’s Worth
FYA    For Your Amusement
FYI    For Your Information
FYM    For Your Misinformation
GA    Go Ahead
GALGAL    Give A Little Get A Little
GBH    Great Big Hug
GL    Good Luck
GMTA    Great Minds Think Alike
GMTFT    Great Minds Think For Themselves
HAGD    Have a Great Day
HAGO    Have A Good One
HAK    Hugs And Kisses
HAND    Have a Nice Day
HB    Hurry Back
HD    Hold
HF    Hello, Friend
HIH    Hope It Helps
HIOOC    Help! I’m Out Of Coffee
HTH    Hope This (or That) Helps
HUGZ    Hugs
I-1DR I Wonder
IAC    In Any Case
IAE    In Any Event
IAITS    It’s All In The Subject
IANAE    I Am Not an Expert
IANAL    I Am Not A Lawyer
IAT    I Am Tired
IBRB    I Will Be Right Back
IC    In Character
ICBW    I Could Be Wrong
IDGI    I Don’t Get It
IDK    I Don’t Know
IDKY    I Don’t Know You
IDM    It Does Not Matter
IDST    I Didn’t Say That
IDTS    I Don’t Think So
IEF    It’s Esther’s Fault
IFAB    I Found A Bug
IGTP    I Get The Point
IHAIM    I Have Another Instant Message
IHNO    I Have No Opinion
IIMAD    If It Makes A Difference
IIR    If I Remember / If I Recall
IIRC    If I Remember Correctly / If I Recall Correctly
IIWM    If It Were Me
ILU    I Love You
IM    Instant Messaging
IMHO    In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO    In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO    In My Opinion
IMS    I Am Sorry
INMP    It’s Not My Problem
INNW    If Not Now, When
INPO    In No Particular Order
IOH    I’m Outta Here
IOW    In Other Words
ISTM    It Seems to Me
ISTR    I Seem To Remember
ISWYM    I See What You Mean
ITM    In The Money
IUM    If You Must
IYKWIM    If You Know What I Mean
IYKWIMAITYD    If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
IYO    In Your Opinion
IYSS    If You Say So
IYSWIM    If You See What I Mean
J/C    Just Checking
J/W    Just Wondering
JOOTT    Just One Of Those Things
K    Okay / All Right
KBD    Keyboard
KEWL    Cool
KIR    Keep It Real
KIT    Keep In Touch
KWIM    Know What I Mean
L8R    Later
LD    Long Distance
LMK    Let Me Know
LOL    Laughing Out Loud  or  Lots of Luck (or Love)
LOPSOD    Long On Promises, Short On Delivery
LTIC    Laughing ‘Til I Cry
LTNS    Long Time No See
LWR    Launch When Ready
M8 / M8s    Mate / Mates
MFD    Multi Function Device
MIHYAP    May I Have Your Attention Please
MMHA2U    My Most Humble Apologies To You
MOMPL    One Moment Please
MSG    Message
MTBF    Mean Time Between Failure
MWBRL    More Will Be Revealed Later
MYOB    Mind Your Own Business
N/T    No Text
N2M    Not To Mention
NALOPKT    Not A Lot of People Know That
NAYL  In A While
NAZ    Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)
NBD    No Big Deal
NBIF    No Basis In Fact
NG    New Game
NIM    No Internal Message
NIMQ    Not In My Queue
NM    Never Mind / Nothing Much
NOYB    None Of Your Business
NP    No Problem
NRN    No Reply Necessary
NTK    Nice To Know
NTYMI    Now That You Mention It
NUFF    Enough Said
NW    No Way!
OEM    Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIC    Oh, I see
OK    All Correct
OMIK    Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
OOC    Out Of Character
OOF    Out Of Facility
OOI    Out Of Interest
OOO    Out Of Office
OOTB    Out Of The Box  /  Out Of The Blue
OS    Operating System
OT    Off Topic
OTOH    On the Other Hand
OTP    On the Phone
OTT    Over the Top
OTTOMH    Off the Top of my Head
OWTTE    Or Words To That Effect
OZ    stands for: Australia
P&C    Private and Confidential
PANS    Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PD    Public Domain
PEBCAK    Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PLS    Please
PM    Personal Message
PMJI    Pardon My Jumping In
PONA    Person Of No Account
POOF    Good bye
POV    Point of View
PS    Post Script
R&D    Research & Development
RAT    Remote(ly) Activated Trojan
RBTL    Read Between The Lines
RE    Regards / Hello Again
RFD    Request For Discussion
RL    Real Life
RLF    Real Life Friend
RMMM    Read My Mail Man!
RN    Right Now!
ROTM    Right On The Money
RSN    Real Soon Now
RTBS    Reason To Be Single
RTFAQ    Read the FAQ File
RTFM    Read the Freakin’ Manual!
RTK    Return To Keyboard
RU    Are You?
RUOK    Are you Okay?
RUUP4IT    Are You Up For It
RX    Regards
S2R    Send To Receive
S4L    Spam For Life
SCNR    Sorry, Could Not Resist
SEP    Somebody Else’s Problem
SF    Surfer Friendly / Science Fiction
SFAIAA    So Far As I Am Aware
SITD    Still In The Dark
SMAIM    Send Me An Instant Message
SME    Subject Matter Expert
SMEM    Send Me Email
SO    Significant Other
SOP    Standard Operating Procedure
SSEWBA    Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms
STYS    Speak To You Soon
SWDYT    So What Do You Think?
SYS    See You Soon
TAFN    That Is All for Now
TBA    To Be Advised
TCB    The Trouble Came Back!
TEOTWAWKI    The End Of The World As We Know It
TFX    Traffic
TGIF    Thank God it Is Friday
THX / TX / THKS    Thanks
TIA    Thanks In Advance
TK    To Come
TLA    Three Letter Acronym
TLGO    The List Goes On
TLK2UL8R    Talk to You Later
TM    Trust Me
TMI    Too Much Information
TMTOWTDI    There’s More Than One Way To Do It
TNA    Temporarily Not Available
TNX    Thanks
TOM    Tomorrow
TOT    Tons of Time
TP    Team Player
TPC    The Phone Company
TPTB    The Powers That Be
TSR    Totally Stuck in RAM
TTG    Time to Go
TTS    Text to Speech
TTUL    Talk to You Later
TVN    Thank You Very Much
TWHAB    This Won’t Hurt A Bit
TWIMC    To Whom it may Concern
TXS    Thanks
TY    Thank You
TYVM    Thank You Very Much
U    You
U2    You Too?
UL You Will
unPC    unPolitically Correct
UPOD    Under Promise Over Deliver
UR    You Are
VFM    Value For Money
VM    Voice Mail
WAD    Without A Doubt
WB    Welcome Back / Write Back
WBS    Write Back Soon
WC    Who Cares?
WCA    Who Cares Anyway
WDYS    What Did You Say?
WDYT    What Do You Think?
WE    Whatever
WFM    Works For Me
WIIFM    What’s In It For Me?
WIT    Wordsmith In Training
WOMBAT    Waste Of Money, Brains And Time
WRT    With Regard To / With Respect To
WT    Without Thinking
WTB    Want To Buy
WTTM    Without Thinking To Much
WU?    What is Up
WWY?    Where Were You?
WYCM?    Will You Call Me?
WYP    What’s Your Problem?
WYS    Whatever You Say
WYSIWYG    What You See Is What You Get
WYSLPG    What You See Looks Pretty Good
XME    Excuse Me
XOXO    Hugs and Kisses
YA    Yet Another
YCT    Your Comment To
YDKM    You Don’t Know Me
YGBK    You Gotta Be Kiddin’
YHM    You Have Mail
YKW?    You Know What?
YNK    You Never Know
YOYO    You’re On Your Own
YR    Yeah Right
YSYD    Yeah, Sure You Do
YTTT    You Telling The Truth?
YW    You are Welcome
YWIA    You’re Welcome In Advance
ZZZ    Sleeping, Bored, Tired


General Internet Abbreviations

If you are an internet hunter, permanently sticking around various forums,
chatting with your virtual friends, find the new ones…You will definitely like
these abbreviations:

AFK  away from keyboard (I am gone for a few minutes)
ASL  age / sex / location?
BFN  bye for now
BIO  going for bio break (washroom break)
BRB  be right back
BTW  by the way
CUL8R  see you later
CYA  see ya (or it could also be: cover your a*s)
FMV  fair market value (for selling items online)
GG  good game
IBTL  in before the lock (for when you post a message prior to the administrator locking the heated discussion thread)
IMHO  in my humble opinion
IMNSHO  in my not so humble opinion
IRL  in real life
KK  OK (commonly used by online gamers to acknowledge that a message has been received)
LOL  laughing out loud
MT  mistell (commonly used by online gamers to say that they made a mistake and mistyped their last message)
NP  no problem/you’re welcome
NWOT  new without tags (for selling items online)
NWT  new with tags (for selling items online)
OOAK  one of a kind (for selling items online)
PLZ  please
PMSL  P*ssing myself laughing (a common UK expression)
QFT  quoted for truth (a compliment to another person on the forum)
RL  real life
ROFL  rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO  rolling on floor laughing my a*s off
RTFM  read the f***ing manual (to show frustration at someone’s ignorance of basic knowledge)
RTM  read the manual
THX  thanks
TTFN  ta-ta for now
TTYL  talk to you later
TX  thanks
TY  thank you
W/E  whatever


Chat Abbreviations 

The below shorthand will make your chatting faster and rather funny. :)

2D2T  too drunk to type
2L8  too late
4  For
4GET  forget
AIIC  as if I care
AFAIK  as far as I know
AFK  away from keyboard
AIUI  as I understand it
ALTG  act locally, think globally
ASAP  as soon as possible
ASL or A/S/L  age, sex, location
ATM  at the moment / according to me
AUP  acceptable use policy
B4N  bye for now
BB  bathroom break
BBIAB  be back in a bit
BBIAF  be back in a few
BBIAM  be back in a minute
BBIAW  be back in a while
BBL  be back later
BBL8R  be back later
BFF  best friends forever
BLTN  better late than never
BQ  beyond question
BRB  be right back
BRT  be right there
BS  bullshit
BTW  by the way
BTDT  been there, done that
C2C  care to chat
CSY  can’t stop yawning
CTN  can’t talk now
CU  see you / cracking up
CUL  see you later / catch you later
CYA  see ya
CYS  check your settings
DC or D/C  disconnected
D&C  duck & cover
DIAFYO  did I ask for your opinion?
DILLIGAS  do I look like I give a shit?
DOA  dead on arrival
DL or D/L download
EOD  end of discussion
EOL  end of lecture
FAQ  frequently asked questions
FDD  falling down drunk
FFR  for future reference
FM  from memory
FOCL  falling off chair laughing
FUA  frequently used acronym
FYA  for your amusement
FYE  for your enjoyment
FYI  for your information
G  grin / giggle
G2G  got to go
GD&R  grinning, ducking and running
GDI  god damn it / graphics device interface
GFC  going for coffee
GG  good game
GHSE go hassle someone else
GILAU  god is looking at you
GJ  good job
GL  good luck
GMAB  give me a break
GMTA  great minds think alike
GR8  great
H4X0R  hacker
HAND  have a nice day
HTH  hope this helps
IC  I see
ICU  I see you/intensive care unit
IDK  I don’t know
IRL  in real life
IYKWIM  if you know what I mean
J00  you
JAM  just a minute
JAS  just a second
JK or J/K  just kidding
L8R  later
LIG  let it go
LMK  let me know
LMR  lamer
LOL  laughing out loud
LTNT  long time no type
M8  mate
MOMPL  a moment please
MYOB  mind your own business
N00BIE / N00B  an inexperienced person
NE1  anyone
NM  never mind
NP  no problem
NRN  no reply necessary
OIC  oh, I see
OMG  oh my god
OS  old school / operating system
OV  opinions vary
P?  Pardon?
P2P  person to person
PAW  parents are watching
PEBKAC  problem exists between keyboard and chair
PIR  parent in room
PIX  pictures
PLMK  please let me know
PLS  please
PLZ  please
POS  parent over shoulder / piece of shit /point of sale
PS  post script
QQ  quick question
RME  rolling my eyes/raising my eyebrows
RML  read my lips
ROFL  rolling on floor laughing
RWL  roaring with laughter
RTFM  read the fucking manual
RYS  read your screen
SN  screen name / serial number
SOHF  sense of humor failure
SOP  standard operating procedure
SUP what’s up?
TFTI  thanks for the information
TGAL  think globally, act locally
THX  thanks
TTL  that’s the limit
TTM  talk to me
TTYL  talk to you later
TY4WM  thank you for warm welcome
TYVM  thank you very much
U  You
UBB  urgent bathroom break
UPB  urgent potty break
UR  you are
VR  virtual reality
VS  Very soon
W2C  want to chat
W2T  want to talk
W8  wait
W8N  waiting
WB  welcome back / write back
WBS  write back soon
WN? What next?/ What now?
WTT  want to talk
WYS  whatever you say
XOXO  hugs and kisses
Y  Why / yes
YW  you’re welcome
ZZZ  bored / sleeping

The above shorthand will make your chatting faster and funnier. :)

SMS Abbreviations

Have nothing to do sitting in the classroom and digging in your phone? Got
used to chat via SMS with close friends? Use these funny smiles to share your

:-) Smiley
(-: Also smiling
:) Smiling without a nose
:’ ) Happy and crying
:-( ) Smiling with mouth open
8-) Smiling with glasses
[:-) Smiling with walkman
:-)8 Smiling with bow tie
{:-) Smiling with hair

d:-) Smiling with cap
C|:-) Smiling with top hat
(:-) Smiling with helmet

:-)= Smiling with a beard
&:-) Smiling with curls
#:-) Smiling with a fur hat
:-D Laugher
;-) Twinkle
;) Twinkle, without nose
:-* Kiss

@}–\-,— A rose
:-( Sad
:( Sad, without nose
:’-( Crying
:-c Unhappy
:-|| Angry
:-(0) Shouting
:-< Cheated
:-O Wow
:-| Determined
:-* Bitter
O :-) An angel
:-9 Salivating
:-|/:- I No face/poker face
:-<> Surprised
%-6 Not very clever
:-( ) Shocked

:-~) Having a cold
:-o zz Bored
:-\ Sceptical
: @ Shouting
:-o Appalled
:-X Not saying a word
|-I Sleeping
|-O Snoring
%-} Intoxicated
:-v Talking
:-w Talking with two tongues
B-) Sunglasses

B:-) Sunglasses on head
8:-) Glasses on head
{:-) Toupee
}:-( Toupee blowing in the wind
=|:-)= Uncle Sam
<:-| Monk / Nun
:^) Broken nose

-:-) Punk
@:-) Using a turban
:=) Two noses
:-# Razes
<|-) Chinese

:-{) With a moustache
:-{} Lip stick
:-? Smoking a pipe
:-( Very angry





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