To Collect Email Addresses from Your Blog. Easy Ways.

Large and small companies as well as individuals around the world use an excellent direct response tactic as email marketing to boost profits and sales. Generally, the budget of small businesses is not big to purchase targeted email marketing lists to send email marketing messages. That’s why it is a challenge to collect email addresses. Your blog can be easily used to gather email addresses who opt-in to get marketing email messages from you. To collect email addresses is free and easy when using the following tips.

Ask to opt-in
People who read your blog can be asked to opt-in to receive your messages in future. Create a reasonable marketing message that will motivate your readers to subscribe. Draw the interest with more informative and attractive submission form. You may offer special discounts or data about some events that is far more interesting for visitors than just some additional info or news. Your marketing message is better to include a submission form with a subscription link as well as with the form where it is easy to input an email address. One click of the mouse should separate you and your readers.

A blog competition
Blog competition may be a perfect way to collect email addresses and draw attention to your blog. Promote the competition of your blog offering a great prize. Let people provide their email addresses when they enter the competition. Don’t forget to announce them about exclusive information about new products, news and discounts the entrants will get if they take part in the competition and provide their email address.

Use an advertisement
An ad graphic can be used to invite people to provide their email addresses for exclusive information and discounts. Your blog’s sidebar is a perfect place for an ad. Other blogs can be also used to place the ad in.

Use your Twitter profile to publish an update about exclusive offers and discounts they receive in the case of submission. A link can be included into your email sign up form. This will assist people to easy provide their email addresses.





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