Fax To Email Services

The companies listed below make it possible to send and receive faxes without special fax hardware. It can considerably lessen the expenses on paper, ink, cartridge, etc. Besides, you can always send and receive faxes even when the needed equipment is not at hand.

ABS Fax has the same rates day or night, provides personalized fax heading at no charge. Normal broadcast can be completed within 24 hours of receipt of database and document; special requests for specific times can be met. No set-up fees. No monthly minimums.

CallWave converts incoming faxes to Adobe PDF files and delivers them to your email. You can save, search, print and archive faxes just like any other file on your PC. There’re no limits to the number of faxes you can receive. You can turn your computer into an answering machine and stop missing important calls. CallWave’s Internet Answering Machine lets you see, hear and reply to anyone who’s calling while you’re online.

ClickFax‘s Internet fax software allows you to fax any and all documents via the Internet. Sending and receiving online faxes with Internet fax software is leading the industry with the way people fax from their home or office.

eFax – Faxing with eFax becomes easy and saves you money. You’ll get a dedicated fax number that’s tied to your email. Then send and receive faxes by email, eliminating the expenses of a separate fax line, fax machine, and fax supplies. You will be able to get access to your fax from everywhere The company offers local or toll-free number. Check out for more benefits.

eFax.co.uk is fast, reliable way to fax using email and the Internet. It allows to send and receive faxes as email attachments, get a real fax number that’s tied to your email, store, manage and forward faxes just like other documents. 30 days trial.

FaxAway If most faxing services charge you for every page, Faxaway charges only for actual transmission time, at incredibly low per minute rates billed in six-second increments. Retries to busy fax machines are free.

Fax.com gives you 300 free fax pages, local or toll-free number, fax over the Internet for just $9.99 a month.

FaxZero – provides two kinds of services. You can send faxes for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. There will be an ad on the cover page. One fax document contains maximum 3 pages. You can send only 2 faxes per day. Or you can send a Premium Fax. There’s no ads on the cover page. One fax contains maximum 15 pages. You can send an unlimited number of faxes per day. This service costs $1.99 per fax. Paypal is accepted.

freeFAX.com lets you send a fax to virtually anywhere in the world at zero cost, because it is 100% supported by advertising. You can send a fax even if you are not a freeFAX member.

GreenFax provides you with a personal fax number for receiving inbound faxes, and faxes sent to your personal fax number are forwarded to you via email. You can also use GreenFax to send faxes world-wide

jConnect enables you to pick your own local fax and voicemail number in over 2,000 cities around the world, send faxes from your favorite desktop applications via email or a Web browser in over 45 formats. You can receive faxes as email attachments. You can listen to voicemail by calling a toll-free number, and have email messages and fax headers read to you from any phone.

MaxEmail allows you to send and receive faxes, retrieve your voicemail messages over the phone or as email attachments, send a fax document to hundreds or thousands of your business associates with a single command. 30days free trial.

MyFax MyFax can be used by individuals, small, medium and large businesses to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the web. MyFax offers services in North America, Europe and the UK. MyFax requires no hardware or software, so anyone can get a fax number. It is easy to setup and use. MyFax is just $10 per month.

Ourfax.Com you can get your own personal local or toll-free number, instantly when you sign up. Get a local number in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Japan, and others.

Protus provides a wide range of services. You can send and receive your faxes using email and the web, reach thousands of customers at once with a single voice message, broadcast your faxes to many destinatins at one time, and more. The pricing plan starts with $10.

TrustFax is easy to set up, you don’t need any additional downloading, software or hardware. TrustFax takes no place on your computer. Incoming and outgoing faxes are all managed within your secured TrustFax Mailbox – accessible anywhere and anytime.

Faxes can also be sent from your email application for ease of use. No more fax machine obstacles – delays, no breakdowns, no more buying fax paper.

Send2Fax depending on your rate plan, Send2Fax offers a variety of services including: Personal Fax Number, with Fax2Email you can have faxes sent to your personal fax number and to your email address of file. With Email2Fax you can send a fax via email. The system works with any email client including Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, MSN and many more. Web2Fax – the way of sending faxes through our easy to use web-interface. Office 2003 is also supported. The Pricing plans start at $11.95, all plans include one toll-free fax number.

TPCFax TPC service is a collection of FAX servers you may use to send a fax to many locations around the world. The site supports languages other than English – German and Italian

VoiceMail Services

With Skype you can talk, listen, watch, read, write to anyone, anywhere in the world without worrying about cost, distance or time. Calls are automatically encrypted for higher security. You can also chat and send files to other users. You’ll need a headset and a microphone to make use of this service, and a PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP. You can add voicemail, call from your Skype client to normal phones at dirt-cheap rates, or even get a dedicated phone number which automatically forwards calls to Skype.





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