The best Firefox add-ons for Gmail

Are you a Gmail user? For the last period Gmail became so popular that it seems almost everyone has account on it. The Firefox prepared some very nice add-ons for making your Gmail more functional and comprehensive. So, if you use Mozilla Firefox browser and Gmail you are lucky enough to add the new features to your Gmail. Just install the add-ons below on to your Firefox.

Gmail Manager

Gmail Manager can be considered a must within Gmail users. The main features of this Manager add-on are:Юрий и Мариана Чобану

  • Paste multiple Gmail accounts
  • Receive new mail notifications
  • Check the number of unread mails without logging in

To download the Gmail manager you may click here.


Better Gmail

Better Gmail keeps the second place after Gmail Manager. It is also a highly recommended add-on from a collection of Greasemonkey Scripts.

Speaking about the features it necessary to notice that it adds the following features to the Gmail:

  • Hierarchy in labels
  • File attachment icons
  • Filter assistant
  • Highlighting of messages on mouse hovering

Download this script absolutely for free here.  

Gmail Watcher


Having this add-on on PC you will have opportunity to check your new emails and reports in the status bar. As to me the best feature here is that you don’t need to put username and password every time to use this script.

Here you can find and download this awesome add-on.

The main benefits of it are:

  • Google Multiple sign-in mode compatible
  • Check Gmail at specific interval (after a few minutes, half-hourly, hourly or manually)
  • Use high security network protocol https to get information

Etacts Gmail Plugin

This Plugin will be helpful when you need to track emails you’ve sent and that are awaiting response and also allows you to see social information for any incoming mail.

Why do you need it?

  • You receive lots of information about those who email you
  • You can see the log of your recent conversations; calls to and from the perso
  • Graph of your contact history over time

You can easily download the Etacts Email Plugin  here.

Unread Gmail Favicon

This jetpack being a part of this Firefox add-on watches your Gmail inbox and prepares the favicon for Gmail tab with the current number of unread messages.

To download this exceptional Unread Gmail Favicon use the following link.





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