How to build a solid email list.

What can be the most important thing for the email marketer? A solid email list, of course. It is not easy to build such a list that should include only subscribers. It should also be completely opt-in and contain digital or written proof to show how and where each email address was gotten.

Are there some good guidelines to follow in order to build a list? You can use the following things to build a permission-based email-list.

1. Use a sign-up form on your web-site! Called also a sign-up box, a sign-up form is useful tool to gather email addresses and also to build up a contact list.

2. Create a long-term plan when adding the subscribers. You should create a long-term plan in order to keep in touch with the clients as long as possible. This may help you to get more customers’ feedback if they want to see some more data on your website. It is important also to develop trust with your customers and build up good relationships with them.

3. Using an old email list, re-confirm your customers. The list may contain old email addresses of the customers who do not want to be your customers anymore or their email addresses are old. In this case you can easily send a re-confirmation email to them. Customers will be asked to re-subscribe to your emails or newsletters.

It can be better to send several re-confirmation emails. Some of the customers may miss your email at the first time. People cannot click on the subscription link even after several emails. If this occasion takes place you can easily delete their email addresses from the list because they may be not interested in your subscription anymore.

When you send re-confirmation email it is likely to learn which of email addresses are not valid or bounced. These email addresses should be cleaned off. It will help you to focus your attention on those persons who are really interested in your newsletters.

4. A custom Sig-up form can be placed on your website. This will help your customers to sing-up automatically. It is perfect to place the form on each of the pages in the case the customer will not visit the page with the sign-up form. Browsing each of the pages will make the process to sign-up easier.

5. You also can use an email archive with web versions of your newsletters in case you want to get some more new subscribers.

6. You also can advertise your newsletters in other newsletters. A large number of email addresses can be yielded due to this oft-overlooked strategy in a short time. One of the popular outdoors newsletters can be used to place a link to your email sign-up form within the advertisement. High-volume and opt-in newsletter will be a great choice for the placement.

7. If you have an online shop and your customers make a purchase you can gather their email addresses. You can place a signup form somewhere in the information field. There your customers will be able to enter their email address. It is good also to inform them about the frequency and content of your newsletters.

8. Your email can also be uploaded to an email marketing community. This is the d=great place to show your emails as well as to build up your list. A brand new audience can be easily found due to putting your emails online in the community.

9. Trade shows, sales and any special event can be used to create a larger list with customers’ email addresses. Such events usually gather a lot of people. It is the reason to create a solid email sign-up form for more people to subscribe. This form should better be placed in some visible place in order the signing-up will be as comfortable as possible.

10. There is one more option to enlarge your list. The forward-to-a-friend link can be also used in your emails. People like to share some interesting data with their friends. This fast communication option will help you to enlarge your contact list.

Building a reliable list with customers’ email addresses is not always easy but possible. using some tricks mentioned here can help you.





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