Open your personality through your email

Have you ever thought about the significance of email address in your CV?

Let us discuss what can be considered an email prejudice and what can be not.

  • Have you ever thought about your username? Actually it can be even more significant than the name of domain (provider) you use. For business purposes it will be better to use first than  The last one looks unprofessional, cutesy and evidently not serious.
  • Domains are also important. Think twice before sending your resume from AOL or Hotmail account. There is nothing wrong with these domains. But many people in tech fields will perceive it as “Hi. I’m from 1996. What is this internet you speak of?” .If you are an IT specialist and use account be sure you will surprise your colleagues. is a very old email service. Do you remember you used it many-many years ago when you were a schoolboy or a student? Really most of the kids have hotmail account. Businessmen don’t like this mail server for a lot of spam and bad delivery.

  • If you want to have good reputation you certainly have to create mailbox on your own domain. Name of is inappropriate thing here. Many people consider such companies unprofessional. If your company is a big one or you want your customers to believe that it is; you should care about your company’s image in the market. It shouldn’t be unpolished.
  • Take into account that if you want to find a good job in a perspective company you need to remember that you are not a guy from college but a person with ambitions, a serious one, and a professional.

Keep in mind that your hair do, the way you’re dressing, your manner of speaking and life habits play a great role when you try to find a job. And email is not the last thing here. Somebody can consider it a prejudice but it is better when you have a professional approach in everything. So please exclude inadequate usernames and antiquated email addresses.

Show your best in everything you do!





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