Free Spam Filters

These days spam has become something common and frequent. Every day we open our email-boxes and eliminate unbidden messages losing our precious time. Spam filter can relieve you from this bore. Junk mail is easily recognized and its amount can be reduced by spam filter software. Read more »

Email Etiquette. Why do you need it?

When you reply an email, especially when you run a business it is necessary to keep in mind several rules of email etiquette.

Generally in the age of innovations Internet communication became a common thing among people. Moreover if you are a big developing company you should realize how important email communication with your partners and customers is.

Some companies send email replies too late or don’t send them at all. Be a reliable company, make your clients and partners trust you. Read more »

Email Abbreviations and Shorthand


You use it day-by-day sending e-mails, chatting with your friends,at school, work, etc…You got used doing it long time ago, so that you can’t even imagine your life without these shorthand and acronyms… If your life is full of new pen friends, you are fond of composing SMS letters and you appreciate Time these short acronyms will be very useful for you! Read more »

Keyboard Shortcut for Popular Email Services & Programs


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Useful Tools for Gmail

There’re a lot of ways to to extend and enhance Gmail web service. We offer you a list of excellent tools that can not only change the outlook of your account, but also add some useful functions.

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The Best Email Hosting Services

The following service may be of great interest for business enterprises. It allows to eliminate considerably the expenses on additional software. If you plan to outsource your email service here is the list of email hosting providers to choose from.

everyonenet offers a hosted messaging solution that provides enterprise-class reliability and a spam-free Inbox. It has a feature-rich AJAX interface and functionality. With you can get mobile email hosting for BlackBerry and  Treo, up to 10 GB of storage.

EnterGroup provides a wide range of hosted email services, from a Family plan to outsourced solutions for organizations needing tens of thousands of mailboxes. EnterGroup also provides a pass-through solution with user-specifiable pricing for those seeking to set up a for-fee vanity email service.

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Email Software

Here’s the list of the most popular email client software that are designed to send and receive email from your desktop.


Microsoft Outlook provides an excellent solution for managing your time and information. Office Outlook 2007 innovations enables you to quickly search your communications, organize your work, and better share your information with others — all from one place. Office Outlook calendaring functionality provide easy ways to share your calendar with anyone within or outside of your organization, giving your important contacts immediate access to your information. Now you can use it to search for keywords, dates, or other flexible criteria to locate items in your e-mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks to save valuable time. Instant Search is fully integrated within the interface so you never have to leave Outlook to find the information you need.

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