Get Rid of Your Old and Useless E-mail Addresses

Being an early adapter, you created a Hotmail or an address and gave it to everyone seeming to make boast of it. The 1990s passed and it is not necessary to use old email addresses. Now these very email addresses can be a “cozy place” for spam.

Surely, you don’t want to check them anymore. Nevertheless, your relatives, friends and even Internet Provider send the important to you information there. Well, it’s a little awkward, isn’t it?

So, you understand the whole useless of this email address but cannot remove it because all your classmates, friends and other contacts know that you can be achieved on or You, undoubtedly, can switch to a new email address. It can appear to be a rash act and cause the lost of many important contacts.

Use a real service. Get an account at Gmail. Using it, you will always be in touch with the outside world. Get a domain of your own. This is worth to pay money for. Be creative and get the domain name you want to have.

The next step is to set up your mail preferences so that each email sent to the domain will be accepted. Incoming mail that does not reach the master account will bounce.

Do not forget that it will be necessary to pay for the domain hosting and your email handling. There are hosting companies that provide mail-only hosting for a little fee. Your domain can also be hosted on Google Apps. Your own mail server may be hosted as well. Moreover, there exist some domain hosters that may let you manage mail without fee.

Announce everyone from your contact book about your new e-mail address. Some of them will pay attention and even fewer will update your changes in their address book.

Giving out as much different addresses as possible will help you to understand where you receive spam from. Then you should only block a single address. To inform all your other contact will be no necessary.
You also can use “Vacation reply” in Gmail and inform each sender about your new email address. This option can be found and activated in Gmail’s Settings tab.

You will always know the source of every message due to filtering of each incoming message on your Gmail account.Now, when you took all possible measures, you can delete your old account. If you still want to keep in touch with it, connect it to an autoresponder. This will announce the senders about changes and direct them to your website.





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