Choosing the Professional Email Address

As a rule, all of us have an email address for personal usage. Many of us use it for professional purposes as well. It may appear to be thoughtless , so don’t use it professionally. Do not forget to use the name of your business, creating your own domain. If there is no, evince your intelligence to make one. It is extremely important to present yourself as a commercial enterprise. If you want to abbreviate your domain thinking it’s too long, make sure the abbreviation is clear and natural. Try not to make your users look it up to remember how it is abbreviated. Think also about words that can appear due to abbreviation.

Your domain name should not look like an advertisement. It should respectfully present your business. The status of whole your business depends on its name. Your clients would better prefer to remember some name which can easily be associated with your company. If your company is well-known enough, the appropriate and perfectly matched domain name will undoubtedly help your customers to reproduce its services and products with ease.

Now, to speak about the top-level domain can be very useful too. A nation-specific commercial top-level domain, “.com” could be appropriate when you limit your business to one region or country. The “.org” top-level domain will be preferable for non-profit organizations. The “.net” top-level domain is a bit better. However, customers can consider you as an online community rather than a business. The “.info” and “.biz” shouldn’t be used at all. That space was greatly polluted by spammers years ago. This can appear to be a reason to filter your mails.

It is also possible to register the domain in several top-level domains. All you need is to redirect them to one and the same address. This will be a great way to preserve the usage of your business name by others.

As of the local part of your email address, to use your name will be a perfect way to earn your customers’ respect. Using just your name is superior than use your first name or first and last name as well. The usage of the pseudonym can be inferred as your incompetence. On the other hand, “info@” or “sales@” look too impersonal. Always try to make your customers think they are the most important your business is oriented to.





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