Find a Person Behind the Email Address

Virtual life became so popular that people around the world are becoming friends and lovers, allies and foes in Internet in the same way as they got used to do it in a real life.  And there is nothing wondering when instead of phone number you ask and receive the email address of a person. A lot of companies that run internet business got used to leave just their e-mail in the “contacts” field.



And this article is designed specially for those who want to know almost everything or even everything about the person behind an email. How can you do it without asking a person directly?

Probably you’ll try to make a search in Google. But suppose that the person whose information you are looking for doesn’t use social networks, doesn’t take part in various chats and forums. In this case web search engine will not help you.

But here’s good news for you! There are several tips and online services that will definitely help you to find the necessary information about the unknown email sender.

1. Find the sender’s location

All you need to find email sender’s location quickly is to know IP address of that sender. It is quite easy if for example you use Gmail.

You need to open target email, usually you are on basic HTML; please select to show the original.

Click on the header of the email message and find in the lines “Received: from”. There is an IP address in square brackets. If there are a lot of entries use IP from the last one.

Paste the IP address in the locate box and you will see the info concerning sender’s location.

2. Find the sender via Facebook!

Did you know that 450 million people worldwide use Facebook? Probably the person who sent you an email also has a profile on this website.

Most of social networks don’t provide you with a “search by e-mail”. Facebook can be considered the one that can allow you to find a person if you know just his or her e-mail. Just put the email into Facebook search box and in few seconds you will see if there exists somebody with this exact email address.

If the search was successful and you have found the person with the email you pasted you will obviously find some uploaded photos. You can use them next. Just upload the pics to TineEye (a reverse image search engine). That means you can use photos from Facebook to find if there are the same pictures uploaded to other websites. It will help you to get even more information about the person.

3. Try other Social Networks

Have you ever heard about Knowem? It checks for usernames, if there exist the same nicknames in any other social networks.

For example if the email is something like, it is obviously that the user might have created accounts of some other social network using the same “big_daddy”. Put that in to confirm.

4. People Search

Do you know about People Search Services? Try to find the information about the sender on Email Search Tool. This service allow you to make reverse email lookups.

By the way Spokeo is considered more comprehensive database than Pipl. It scans not only social networks but also domain names and Whois information in order to find any possible information associated with the email address. Some results are accessible only for Spokeo subscribers. Well if you want to exclude any limitations you have to subscribe.





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  1. I cannot find the LOCATE box to paste an email in. I need to find out who is sending me emails

  2. Hi,
    I would appreciate if you could please tell me if the above email address is fake or not since i got a text saying there’s a promotion going on and they need my name, email address and from which country I’m from.
    The email is from
    Thanking you in advance.

  3. Verify Email Address

    Result: Bad

    Description: 550 5.1.1 … User is unknown {mx-us012}

  4. I posted a add on Craigslist for wanting to work and do house cleaning and i have got a lot of great response but how do i know if it is a scam or worst??

  5. Hi – excellent tips on tracing emails back to their source – thanks!

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