How to Improve Your Email Productivity for Your Entire Life

All You Have to Know About Emailers and About.

Most of the people worldwide use emails. They find it very useful because emails provide with two very essential  features: lack of personality and lack of time.

How do you usually check your email? What is YOUR way to deal with it?

Actually there exist three types of Emailers.

The first one is Billy Blackberry. This guy frequently checks his mail-box. He leaves unimportant messages unread and after a month or so deletes everything out.

The second Emailer can be called Casual Cassandra. It is the most abundant variant within email users. They check their email not more than dozen times per day; leave some items unread because these ones can be read later. And they try not to remove most of the messages. Maybe those can be “useful” next time.

The third category of email users is called Betty Batcher. This group of mail-users can be supposed an ideal one. These guys open their email box just several times per day and look for the important messages. It makes them to remove all that spam and another unnecessary staff in order to have a clean and “nice” email box.

How to Become Betty Batcher and not Waste Time on Senseless Mailbox’ Checking?

 Let us look through several tips that will master your email productivity:

1. Set a schedule

Fix “two times per day” checking. It is very useful.  In this case you don’t waste much time and receive all the information you need at once. Don’t make yourself an email junkie, just know that you’ll get everything you need at one time.

You can use the following schedule as an example:

  • Monday – Friday: 11am and 5pm
  • Weekends: Don’t check email at all, except personal and do it just once per day.


2. Pay attention to every email you receive.

Sometimes even a usual email can be interpreted as a spam or unnecessary item. Try to use four actions while looking through your email box. And do not forget to have a good antivirus that can scan the suspicious-looking email. So, all you should do with email is:

  1. Delete
  2. Delegate
  3. Add to your to-do list
  4. Do it now

And don’t spin out your time! Don’t leave messages unread. You’ll fail.

3. The most important yes/no questions.

When you open your mail box keep in mind the three questions you have to ask yourself.

  • Is the message an important one? If no – delete it without delay. If yes- ask the second question.
  • Can I work it out? If no – delegate the message. If yes go to the third question.
  • Will it take 3 minutes or less? If no – put it in “to-do list”. If yes –

Just Do It Now!


That’s it. It’s simple, yet takes some practice to implement effectively.




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