Change the Look of your Gmail Account: Amazing Gmail Skins

Gmail is an amazing service that offers endless possibilities. No wonder that the majority of web users gave their preference to this email service. You will always find the way to customize it according your demands or preferences. Among the hundreds of resources on the Web we selected only the best skins for advanced Gmail use. These resources will help you discover new ways of using Gmail.

Air skin brings about some fresh notes to the Gmail look, avoiding drastic alterations. It only adds clean lines, and changes the fonts. One of its evident advantages is that the script removes the adds.


Super Clean is a very popular skin that simplifies the way Gmail looks. It alters the typical Gmail interface to a white and sky-blue one. It allows to change the fonts, logo, remove ads.


Dark Gray is a stylish Gmail skin featuring wide search bar at the top. ‘Search Mail’ and ‘Search the Web’ buttons are removed.


deviantART brings about changes into your Gmail account to match the deviantART page style.


Fe Mail skin a fine working Gmail skin carried out in pink colors. Greasemonkey and Opera users can load this style as a user script.


Men’s G is a men’s version of the Fe Mail Skin.






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  1. hi plz cange my gmail look

  2. please change my gmail look with dark grey skin.

  3. i want to change me back round!

  4. please change my gmail look with dark grey skin.

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